HOLY SHIT! we open today! AT 10:15! WHAT?!

why am i blogging? i have SO MUCH work to do!

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hey pals!

well, we tech’d our show today and *knocks wood* i have to say that i have never had a smoother tech rehearsal in my history with fringe.

our first show is friday (august 13) at 10:15! i think we’re all super stoked. sarah is going to do a little show and tell at city centre mall tomorrow for the CBC!

It’s all so FUN!

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a brief history…

ok, so i just realised that i should probs give a brief history of this show since it sort of has one…

about a year ago i wrote another little disaster musical (also stunningly composed by rob) called the flood: a disaster story-obviously about a flood. there will be a third installement in the “disaster trilogy” and likely it will be “THE QUAKE”. but more on that another time…

fast forward to the end of fringe 2009 and rob and get talking and talking seriously about writing even more towards the traditional american musical theatre model but with a country and pop flavour. early 2010 there is a draft and we’re talking music. ideas are out there-floating through the frozen prairie winter. spring springs and i have the opportunity to be a part of a playwright’s circle specifically for fringe playwrights with chris craddock. you know him! he’s a bit of a star. (if you don’t check this out). so i spent 6 weeks in edmonton writing a new draft a week, drinking a lot, getting to know 6 other awesome playwrights and really clarifying what this play was about and what the aesthetic of the show was. at some point i started to feel a little weighed down by unhappiness and i was losing excitement in the show. rob was doing fantastic work and i just couldn’t keep up with him. one day, near the end of the circle i decided in a fit of insanity that the tornado! should be a puppet show and then that happened… a puppet show was born. there were arguments and discussions and a day’s worth of text messaging of people trying to convince me either way. i got pretty hooked on the idea and basically poo-poo’ed any naysayer. mid-june there was a reading directed by ron jenkins and staring 4 really excellent actors and the puppet idea became pretty cemented in my mind as the right idea!

and now we’re rehearsing. puppets are made, posters are printed. the show opens a week tomorrow and we’ve had audiences and will have more opening and we’re in good shape. i had a little cry in rehearsal the other day because i felt so happy about where the show was going.

i don’t know what audiences or critics will think and i can’t tell you what think about it but i know what i want you to think…

so yeah…

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holy shit batman, time flies.

yes, i’ve decided that it’s ok to swear a little on the blog. there is swearing in the show too. yeah, that’s something important to note. THIS IS NOT A KIDS SHOW unless you want your kids to hear a lot of “f bombs” and hear some talk about sex and death. maybe you do and if you do that’s cool, bring ’em. who am i to tell you how to raise your kids. if i had kids i doubt i’d be able NOT to swear in front of them every 7 seconds so they’d have heard it all by the time they were of age to understand a fringe show… hell, bring ’em! they’ll learn some safety precautions about tornados.

i thought you might want to know a bit about your friendly neighbourhood cast and crew so please click all the headers at the top of this nifty page and read about the immensly talented people (and me) involved in this show! you know you want to do it…

p.s. my 79 year old neighbour thinks the fact that we make theatre is cool. prove him right!

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wanna hear some music?

we want you to hear some. click here and listen to all these FANTASTIC SONGS! someday there will a myspace page soon but myspace is a bit lamesauce.

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hey pals! the red pine puppet collective and your pals at mischief and mayhem theatre are getting super stoked for our little summer fringe show! we took some photos and they are awesome. check ’em!

the fabulous cast

the cast of "the tornado!"

shit yes!

oh yeah, and there is music too! lots of awesome original music!

sarah and liz

sarah and liz

boo hoo

liz is a terrorist

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the red pine puppet collective begins!

hello all,

puppet making is underway! we’ve brought on the talented services of the red pine puppet collective to add their skills to our little project!

this show is truly fringe: completely and gloriously DIY. we’re working constantly. shopping and planning and thinking all the time. everyone is so completely heart-all-invested in the show and as a playwright and director there is NOTHING that warms my heart more. honestly. i couldn’t be happier.

i’ll post some in-progress photos soon!

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