holy shit batman, time flies.

yes, i’ve decided that it’s ok to swear a little on the blog. there is swearing in the show too. yeah, that’s something important to note. THIS IS NOT A KIDS SHOW unless you want your kids to hear a lot of “f bombs” and hear some talk about sex and death. maybe you do and if you do that’s cool, bring ’em. who am i to tell you how to raise your kids. if i had kids i doubt i’d be able NOT to swear in front of them every 7 seconds so they’d have heard it all by the time they were of age to understand a fringe show… hell, bring ’em! they’ll learn some safety precautions about tornados.

i thought you might want to know a bit about your friendly neighbourhood cast and crew so please click all the headers at the top of this nifty page and read about the immensly talented people (and me) involved in this show! you know you want to do it…

p.s. my 79 year old neighbour thinks the fact that we make theatre is cool. prove him right!

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